Franz Narowski Co-Founder

Franz is currently working at Ernst & Young as a risk consultant. He has been involved in the development of several small businesses, two of which have grown to be million dollar companies. Franz is passionate about turning great ideas into real solutions to solve big problems. He has work experience in the financial, accounting, and management industries and is responsible for the accounting, operations, and leading business development for SafetySit.

Mark Harburg CTO, Co-Founder

Mark is currently a project engineer at Flex-N-Gate and has experience in product design and manufacturing. Mark is an avid entrepreneur, designer, and inventor. Mark is passionate about the ever increasing rise of new products and technology. He strives to help bring ideas into reality and impact the world by making life easier and safer through innovation. He is responsible for the engineering and design of the product, as well as managing product manufacturing and distribution.


Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health is one of the largest healthcare systems in Michigan. Their innovation team works to foster and promote inventive, clinician driven ideas that improve the quality of care they provide. They have connected us to over a hundred health care professionals and several large healthcare systems for market research and market testing. They have been essential in our development, helping us with resources like patent costs as well as guiding the development of our product. The problem we are addressing originated from Spectrum Health clinicians.


The Small Business Development Center has helped us at pivotal and strategic points throughout our development process. The SBDC is a free service whose goal is to provide assistance to small business and aspiring entrepreneurs through consulting, procurement, and a variety of other services. They have aided us in our market analysis, business plan development, and commercialization plan.


The Lansing Economic Area Partnership is a coalition of Lansing leaders committed to supporting business and creating an environment in the greater Lansing area where new and existing businesses can thrive. LEAP is involved with many different local business competitions and offers funding to growing businesses.