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Our Product

The SafetySit is an assistive therapeutic medical device designed to support disabled or recovering patients who lack the core muscle strength required to support themselves in a sitting position.

This device:

  • Supports patients during therapy and other activities
  • Provides therapists and health care providers the ability to provide better care with more flexibility
  • Increases staff efficiency, eliminating the need to depend on availability of staff
  • Increases patients and staff safety
  • Aides the rebuilding of core muscles
  • Decreases the number of injuries incurred by staff by decreasing the physical strain required of them.
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    Both the Innovations team and our clinical leadership and staff members are excited to support SafetySit's continued growth so that their product can help improve the quality of care for patients

    Scott Daigger, Manager of Innovation, Spectrum Health Innovations, LLC

    U of M Hospital

    Finding people [to assist] was very difficult at University of Michigan. I had to go out of my way to ask someone to help. Staff had other things to do, including techs. It was impractical, had to wait most occasions, it was a first come first serve basis Dr. Aldernick, Ph.D. Engineering, M.S. Kinesiology

    Physical Technicians

    ...with over ten years’ experience working in the hospital setting, I wish I had been able to use a product such as the Safety Sit with patients. Now that I’m in a position to help support my colleagues, there is no question that I would purchase the Safety Sit Don Packard, PT, MSPT

    Development Process

    Our design process involved extensive interviewing and shadowing 230 physical and occupational therapists to create a design that provides the most value possible.

    Through this collaboration, we created a product that eliminates the need for staff to be manually hold patients or to resort to sub-par or make-shift solutions.

    The SafetySit:

  • Attaches easily to virtually any hospital bed
  • Can be set up in a minute
  • Weighs under 15 pounds and can hold patients up to 600 pounds
  • Has 5 points of adjustment for maximum comfort and position control
  • Folds up for easy transport and storage